Environment and Climate

Cover of the booklet  "Climate and Energy Policy in the Peoples Republic of China".

Climate and Environment Policy in the P.R. China

By Dirk Rommeney
An overview concerning Chinese Domestic Laws, and the Instruments and Measures of Climate Change Migation. Major determinants and consequences of the Chinese policy as well as the actors involved in the policy process are introduced. The report is focused on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies, as these involve major mitigation strategies and embrace many of the key components aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Download Publication here (PDF 734 KB)

Political and Social Reforms

Book cover "How China debates"

New Essays and Images from China

China's transformation is widely discussed all over the globe, but the local Chinese debates are still hardly known outside the People's Republic. New Essays and Images from China (Original title: Neue Essays und Bilder aus China), edited by HBS Beijing, introduces a selection of essays e.g. about the role of the intellectual in Chinese society, legal reforms, the development of the media and environmental politics to the German public. The publication was presented by HBS at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2009. The collection includes essays written by Xu Youyu, Cui Weiping, Qin Hui, Fu Guoyong, Li Changping, He Weifang, Yu Jianrong, Zhan Jiang, Hu Angang, Liu Junning und Yu Keping.

Media Handbook for Chinese Grassroots NGOs

- This toolkit presents practical instructions for Chinese NGOs to find successful strategies to deal with a variety of actors in the media. Ideas for different models of communication, networking, research and a long list of useful links have been discussed and collected by members of the China Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO). The book has been edited and published by HBS and CANGO (available only in Chinese).

Globalization and International Relations


The Portrayal of China in German Media

With their presentation of specific topics and discourses, especially in international news reporting, the media construct specific realities that shape a society's images of other regions. 

Carola Richter and Sebastian Gebauer
Cover IFI Gender Audit and Advocacy Toolkit

IFI Gender Audit and Advocacy Toolkit

- In 2008, the Peking University Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC) and Gender Action (US-based) completed a gender audit on a sample of 50 infrastructure projects in China, which were funded by international finance institutions (IFI). An analysis was done, whether gender equality was addressed according to existing guidelines and a toolkit for Chinese NGOs was published with the support of HBS. The toolkit includes instructions and questionnaires in order to be used as a guide to conduct gender audits. Please download the English version here