HBS China Programme in Cooperation with China Association for NGO Cooperation

Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS) is one of six political foundations in Germany. It is associated with the German Green Party, but is legally independent and works in the spirit of intellectual openness.

The organisation has its headquarters in Berlin and receives public funding to carry out civic education in Germany and promote mutual understanding between people and countries. Through 28 offices across the globe, Heinrich Böll Stiftung provides a platform for international dialogue on questions around globalisation and security, environment and social justice, democracy and the role of gender in society. 

The organisation is named after the German writer and Nobel Prize winner Heinrich Böll, whose promotion of citizens’ participation in politics is the model for the foundation's work.

In China, Heinrich Böll Stiftung works in cooperation with the Chinese Association for NGO Cooperation (CANGO). We jointly carry out projects to strengthen civil society development in China and internationally. We also work with other civil society organisations, governmental departments and academic institutions to provide positive motivations for development and reform in China and for a better understanding between China and Germany.

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Images of Beijing

Pensioner playing the trumpet in front of apartment buildings at Dongzhimen Construction workers taking a break after work at Xizhimen Wedding in Suburban area Young woman in front of the Beijing Opera. Screen build for Olympia in front of  shopping centre in Chaoyang district, Beijing. Streetmarket in surburban area of Beijing.
All photos by Michael Ende ©HBS Beijing